Get the new ‘Google Play Edition’ camera app on your phone

Get the new ‘Google Play Edition’ camera app on your phone
The new stock Android camera app that is seen on the Google Play edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One is available for you to download, without the need for root access.

While the app is not officially released on the Google Play Store, it seems to work on most, if not all devices, and is the unaltered Google app from the Google Play edition phones (and likely soon Nexus devices). While it isn’t on the Play Store, you just download and install it like any apk, no need to have a rooted phone. The apk also includes the stock Android gallery app.

The new app features a redesigned menu, stepping away slightly from the circle that appeared last year with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The new app is almost the same in terms of functionality, but has a semi-circle, with an addition semi-circle popping up for ‘more options’.

The best thing (in my opinion anyway) is that it comes with the photosphere 360 degree panorama mode. Something that is still officially only available on devices purchased directly from Google.

Head on over to XDA Developers to download the apk.



- Cam Spark, Kiwi Phone

  • Fernando Balmori

    I have a Galaxy S4… Does it comes with the S4 options like “Drama Shot” “Erase” and the others??? or we are going to miss them if we install this apk?

    • Cameron Spark

      Hi, no there are none of Samsung’s features in this camera app. However, as it installs along side your existing camera app, you wont lose the features you currently have, you just cant use them in this app. Hope that helps!